Broadway Bares 2018 Game Night"Parcheesi"

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A benefit for the Aids Committee of Toronto hosted by Pamela Anderson, featuring Ashley Simpson, Shania Twain, Jan Arden, and Krystal Kiran Garib.

East meets western? This merging of cultures personifies the event that roped guests in for a wild time, and an evening they will not soon forget — Fashion Cares "Bollywood Cowboy." On Saturday June 4th, 2005, more than 5,000 guests corralled at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to experience how Fashion Cares combined Indian musical magic, brilliant colours, chaps, hats and henna to create a world of tantalizing entertainment and some of the hottest design Toronto has to offer, in support of the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT).


Broadway Bares 2018 Game Night "Parcheesi"

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Broadway Bares 2018 Game Night "Parcheesi"