Macy's Passport

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Fashion meets celebrities ,and, where you can be a part of the crusade against HIV/AIDS.

Macy's Passport is a fundraiser program organized by Macy's store. The proceeds from the sales of tickets or 'passports' go to the HIV/AIDS organizations that are involved in the research to develop a cure for the monstrous disease and in helping the millions of AIDS patients the world over.

Macy's began the battle against HIV/AIDS just one year after the first AIDS diagnosis was made. The first fashion show was held in 1982. Since then Macy's holds fashions shows every year, roping in celebrities from movie and the fashion world. Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez hosted the event, with P Diddy, Elizabeth Taylor and Marc Anthony taking the stage.

Over the last 25 years, the event has gained phenomenal popularity drawing crowds from all strata of society. The event has raised an impressive $22 million since its inception.


Macy's Passport — M•A•C VIVA GLAM segment
San Francisco (Sharon Stone hosting) and L.A. (Jennifer Lopez hosting)