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Political warfare — and war within a family — drive Shakespeare's compelling story of the ruthless fighter, Coriolanus, as she fights for honour without compromise. With themes of pride and arrogance at its core, Coriolanus takes us deep inside a violent world as it examines what it means to be loyal to a parent, to a leader and to a country — and how those choices can redeem or destroy us.

"Solid from top to bottom, Bard on the Beach's inaugural production of Coriolanus proves that powerful direction, design, and performances can take a notoriously bland script and make it sing."

"complex and passionate"

"go see it"

"A powerful, tension-filled battle between honesty and capability in public life"

"The gender-flip casting illustrates how the character of Coriolanus is really a warning about the dangers of turning men into killing machines and coding that as a noble expression of masculinity."

Production information

by William Shakespeare
Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, Vancouver, BC
Director: Dean Paul Gibson
Co-Fight Choreographers: Lisa Stevens and Robinson Wilson
Costumes: Barbara Clayton
Sets: Pam Johnson
Lights: Alan Brodie
Composition and sound: Alessandro Juliani

Moya O'Connell - Caius Martius / Coriolanus
Shawn MacDonald - Menenius
Dalal Badr - Cominius
Alen Dominguez - Titus
Colleen Wheeler - Volumnia
Anthony Santiago - Virgilio
Marci T. House - Aufidius
Craig Erickson - Sicinius
Praneet Akilla - Brutus

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