The Witches of Eastwick

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In Eastwick, Rhode Island, a town where everyone looks through their curtains at everyone else and where gossip is more powerful than the truth, Alex, Jane, and Sukie are tired of the everyday people and routine of the town. As the women gossip about their sex lives and muse over the happiness of being in love, they dream up the perfect man.  Arriving at Lenox Mansion, Darryl Van Horne emerges from a puff of smoke and begins to charm all the residents, including the three leading ladies. As Darryl seduces Alex, Jane, and Sukie, the women discover his true identity and much more. As the witches of Eastwick become  ensnared in Darryl's game, the town of Eastwick implodes with ridiculous, raunchy, and out of control antics, all orchestrated by the devilish Darryl. It's up to the witches to put a stop to the madness in this wickedly fun musical comedy.

"High caliber, sass and wicked good fun!" (click to read the entire review)
                                                         — BroadwayWorld Boston

"Delightfully delicious!"
                                                                         — Tourist News

"A rollicking, slightly raunchy, really fun romp of a show!" (click to read the entire review)
                                                                — Portsmouth Herald

Production information

The Witches of Eastwick
Ogunquit Playhouse, Ogunquit, Maine
Book and lyrics by John Dempsey
Music by Dana P. Rowe
Director: Shaun Kerrison
Choreographer: Lisa Stevens
Musical Director: Julian Biggs

James Barbour - Darryl Van Horn
Nancy Anderson - Sukie
Sarah Gettlefinger - Alex
Mamie Paris - Jane
Sally Struthers - Felicia
Jim Walton - Clyde