Executive Decision

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Executive Decision at NYC Theater Thespis Festival

This timely play explores politics and privacy rights vs. national security. Which side are you on?

Would you let the government spy on you if it could save a life? "Intelligent," "thought-provoking," and even "alarming" were just a few words used to describe Executive Decision when the play was workshopped earlier this year. Understandable, given the nature of the material, which explores Presidential politics, gender roles, and whether or not national security should supersede the right to privacy.

The Play
Executive Decision explores Presidential politics, the backroom bargaining that is all too often a hallmark of Washington D.C., and the struggle between citizens' right-to-privacy and the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

In Executive Decision, we meet Madam President, a Senator who wins the Presidency in unexpected fashion. Her opposition to the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program, however, puts her at odds with that organization's top brass. Will she sign an executive order ending the program once and for all, or will a shadowy agent prevent her from acting on principle?

Recent exposure of the U.S. government's domestic surveillance and monitoring in the wake of revelations by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have raised serious questions about how far a government should be able to go in securing its citizens. Should we as a people be more concerned with safeguarding the right to privacy, or does the protection of lives surpass even The Constitution?

Production information

Executive Decision
NYC Theater Thespis Festival, New York, NY
Writer: Greg Adkins
Director: Lisa Stevens

Barbara Bayes - Madam President
Richard Clodfelter - Agent Gordon
Josh Evans - Agent #1
Marianne Mason - Doris