Lisa Stevens

Intimacy Choreography / Intimacy Director / Intimacy Coordinator


Lisa Stevens is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, actress and director with over 30 years of professional experience. As an Ottawa-born, biracial artist, she has been proud to work with actors and dancers from a variety of backgrounds both in Canada and abroad. She brings this deeply personal and professional knowledge to her role as Intimacy Co-ordinator. Her work as a choreographer and movement director for productions with Canada's musical theatre industry — including Mirvish performances, and televised works — have brought international acclaim, culminating in a recent International Emmy Award nomination for the CBC's Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas. Lisa has worked consistently on Broadway and in the UK's West End as an actor, and now, choreographer for such productions as Dolly Parton's 9 to 5: The Musical (where she worked closely with Ms. Parton in preparation for the production's 2021- 2023 world tour) and Bombay Dreams. Lisa has also been inducted into UNESCO'S CID in Paris as a prominent individual in dance.

Lisa is featured in the upcoming documentary film Still Working 9 to 5, along with Allison Janney, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Jane Fonda, which supports and explores equality in the workplace.

While Lisa has learned a range of skills through several IC courses, she continues to educate herself with IC professionals such as Lizzy Talbot (IDC), Chelsea Pace and Laura Rikard (TIE), and Amy Schachter (HBO), so that she can expand and hone new, and ever-changing skills as well as practice what's intrinsic.


She is a LGBTQIA+ ally and is certified in Psychological First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, and Workplace Diversity and Inclusion.

Lisa maintains a holistic consideration of the human experience in all performance spaces, working with industry leaders to promote diversity, respect and safety for actors and artists.


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Intimacy Coordnator

Blackity Black, Feature Film
Verona, Feature Film
(PDF: example of set responsibilities for an IC)
Last Resort, Feature Film

Intimacy Tools:

Anti-Racism Parts 1, 2 and 3
Laban Movement for Intimacy on Stage & Screen
Intro to Kink and BDSM
Trauma informed practices for Artists
Working with Underage Performers
Sex & Intimacy on Set
Language - IC
"How To Perform Your Steamiest Sex Safely and Convincingly"
Intimacy "Script to Screen"
Intimacy Direction
Communicating Desires, Needs & Boundaries
Regency Intimacy
Intimacy in Theatre - "It's More Than Sex"
Modesty Garments, Barriers and Masking
Intimacy Choreography
Best Practices
Techniques, Policy & Casting


Intimacy Captain
Safe Sets Covid-19 for Film/Video
Mental Health First Aid Standard
Psychological First Aid
First Aid/CPR
Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
Bystander Intervention
Conflict De-Escalation Training
Bystander Intervention Training
Intimacy and Covid
Indigenous Canada
Judaic Studies
Anatomy & Physiology


Sex & Gender in Performance LGBTQIA2+
Sexuality and Pleasure in Performance LGBTQIA2+
LGBTQI+ & Allyship


Intimacy Coordinator / Micah Nelson/Arlyn deLos Santos
Intimacy Coordinator / Sebastian Back/ACTRA
Intimacy Coordinator / Kevin Taylor, Indie


National Society of Intimacy Professionals NSIP
Intimacy Directors and Coordinators IDC
Intimacy Directors and Coordinators IDC
Intimacy Directors and Coordinators IDC
Intimacy Directors and Coordinators IDC
Intimacy Directors and Coordinators IDC
Intimacy Directors and Coordinators IDC
Mia Schachter/Women's Weekend Film Challenge
Siobhan Richardson/Canadian Actor's Equity
Wheel of Consent/Dr. Betty Martin, UK
Intimacy for Stage & Screen/Lizzy Talbot, UK
Actor's Equity Association AEA
Theatrical Intimacy Educators TIE
Theatrical Intimacy Educators TIE
Theatrical Intimacy Educators TIE
Theatrical Intimacy Educators TIE


Intimacy Coordinators of Color ICOC
Safe Set International
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Johns Hopkins University
Canadian Red Cross Association
Thomas Reuters, USA
Asian American Advancing Justice
Intimacy Directors and Coordinators IDC
University of Alberta
Congregation Beth Israel
Langara College


National Society of Intimacy Professionals NSIP
National Society of Intimacy Professionals NSIP


With many thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support in enabling me to reach this critical role as an Intimacy Coordinator.


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