The Little Mermaid

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Set under and above the high seas, The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel, an adventurous young mermaid who's got a thing for disobeying the rules and following her heart. Ariel's fascination with the human world often leads her to the sea surface, a zone that's designated as "off-limits" by her father Triton, the sea king. One day while sneaking to the surface, Ariel witnesses a shipwreck and rescues Prince Eric, with whom she become instantly smitten. Furious at Triton's inability to understand her love for the prince, Ariel runs away and strikes a deal with Ursula, Triton's evil witch of a sister, to experience the life she dreams of on land.

"A beautifully imagined, well-cast production that provides family entertainment on a very high level"
                                           — Christopher Hoile,

Production information

The Little Mermaid
Drayton Entertainment, Dunfield Theatre, Cambridge, ON, Canada
Director: Ann Hodges
Choreographer: Lisa Stevens
Musical Director: Steve Thomas

Jayme Armstrong - Princess Ariel
Aidan Tye - Flounder
Keith Savage - Scuttle
Mark Cassius - Sebastian
David Cotton - Prince Eric
Victor A. Young - Grimsby
Marcus Nance - King Triton
Nick Settimi - Chef Louis
Kristin Peace - Ursula
Gregory Pember - Flotsam
Thomas Alderson - Jetsam