Spamalot 2014

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Lovingly ripped off from the landmark film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, SPAMALOT is a musical comedy that raises silliness to an art form.  Retelling the classic tale of Camelot, this tongue-in- cheek production follows King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table on their infamous quest for the Holy Grail. It's a clever parody that's packed with unforgettable musical numbers such as, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," "The Song That Goes Like This," "I am Not Dead yet, and "The Diva's Lament" ("Whatever Happened To My Part?!").

"Spamalot shines at the Stanley Industrial Alliance hilarious scene and musical number after the next. The choreography is tops; for that we have Lisa Stevens to thank. Vancouver, you're in for a fun evening!" (click to read the entire review)                                                        — Vancouverscape

"Silly Spamalot is funny to the last laugh...choreographer Lisa Stevens has the cast moving to maximum musical comedy effect as they perform as everything from medieval knights to modern day Laker Girls." (click to read the entire review)
                                                                         — The Province (British Columbia)

"Silly Spamalot is a worthy summer quest...Director Dean Paul Gibson uses his ensemble to great advantage. Choreographer Lisa Stevens works them hard with great results. This summer's guilty pleasure, make it your quest to see what all the silliness is about." (click to read the entire review)
                                                                — Vancouver Presents

Production information

Arts Club Theater, Vancouver, BC
Book and lyrics by Eric Idle
Music by John Du Prez, Eric Idle, and Neil Innes
Director: Dean Paul Gibson
Choreographer: Lisa Stevens
Musical Director: Ken Cormier


Photographs courtesy of David Cooper and Arts Club Theater, Vancouver
© 2014 by David Cooper